Post Covid Fatigue

A new type of condition began to appear in our office shortly after the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Medical experts have tagged this condition as “long haulers syndrome." Here's what we know.


A new type of condition, that unfortunately has become all too common, began to appear in our office shortly after the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. These patients were complaining of the following symptoms after they had recovered from Covid-19: severe fatigue, brain fog, loss of cognitive function, digestive problems, persistent cough, shortness of breath, and loss of taste and smell, to mention a few. Medical experts have tagged this condition as “long haulers syndrome”. I like to call it “post-Covid fatigue syndrome.”

Fortunately with the help of Contact Reflex Analysis, (see former blog for an explanation of CRA) we have had a fairly good rate of success in returning those patients afflicted with long haulers back to health. 

Covid-19, while primarily a respiratory disease, seems to affect other systems as well. This leaves behind an aftermath of symptoms and problems that we generally have not seen until now. Determining what system has been affected and the concurrent underlying cause of the symptoms can be problematic for the attending healthcare provider.  This is where CRA becomes a great tool to help us make these determinations. It greatly assists us in finding out what system(s) or organ(s) took the hit, so to speak.


My observation has revealed that the most common area that takes “the hit” is the brain, more specifically the cerebellum which is located in the back part of the brain. The cerebellum, in this context, acts like a battery, first to the brain and then to the rest of the body. Covid seems to strip the cerebellum of vital nutrients which would consequently decrease the cerebellum’s ability to build and store energy, therefore, causing fatigue and potentially any other presenting symptom. And if this deficiency is not corrected, the problem just persists, in some cases for months. I’ve even seen patients that had it for a year.

Let’s compare it to your car. If the battery is low, not only can you not start your car, but all of the other systems will refuse to operate as well. As far as I know, energetic testing such as CRA or something similar is the only method that has been able to detect this problem. RNA, a nucleic acid, (not to be confused with the mRNA) is the nutrition that we use to re-energize the cerebellum. The B vitamins are another nutrient that seems to be stripped out as a result of Covid. Bee Pollen helps with this and has helped in returning the taste and smell. 

These are not the only conditions that we see. As noted earlier, there are many other systems and organs that are affected as well. Once identified, we then apply the appropriate nutritional building blocks that give the body the specific nutritions needed to recover function. 

So if you or anyone you know is having trouble recovering their strength and energy after having Covid-19, please contact our office for an appointment.

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