Feeling Exhausted?

I would wake up tired and crawl in bed around 3-8pm from exhaustion. A nutritional plan and intermittent fasting works. Weight has fallen off and energy returned!​

At our office in Florida, we enjoy hearing testimonies of healthy life changes. It’s so rewarding to hear of a patient’s turnaround and renewed zeal for life. From time to time we experience an extraordinary story and the following is just one of them. The change in this patient’s life is affecting a lot more than just her and her physical health. Allow this story to give you hope as you continue reading.

“I’m not used to seeing you out of bed after I arrive from work. I look in the bedroom and you’re not there.”

“Mom, thank you for what you’re doing. I like seeing you up and doing things with the family again.”

These two statements are from my husband and my son. It brings me to tears and fuels me at the same time. I’m 36 and a mom of 4 kids. I’ve been dealing with fatigue for a couple of years. I would wake up tired, live my day tired, and then crawl in bed by 3:30 p.m. from extreme exhaustion and stay there until about 8 pm when I’d get up groggy to shower and eat dinner before heading back to bed. I was running low-grade fevers 4-7 times a week, had unexplained weight gain (even though I’m a fairly healthy eater), had swelling in my face and body, suffered discomfort when eating, and had a great deal of stomach bloating to where I looked 7 months pregnant after drinking a glass of water… WATER. In an attempt to diagnose the source of my struggles, I have had blood work done a couple of times in the last year and a half with my local doctors. Aside from my triglycerides being high, everything else showed “perfect” on the final reports. I was so discouraged and fed up with being sick and not having answers, and so I sent a blood sample to a natural doctor in Spain that I learned of who has a microscope that can zoom in 65,000x on the blood to do a more in-depth blood analysis. Because of this, he was able to see things most doctors weren’t. He did a blood analysis and sent me the report. Finally! I had some answers as to why I’ve been so sick – 23 separate issues to be exact. I sent my report to Dr. Goolsby and asked if he would review the report and help me figure out a plan in addition to the plan the doctor in Spain gave me. I so badly wanted to feel energy again. I had forgotten what it felt like. I told my husband I would do anything just to feel good again, but that I just needed someone to tell me what to do. Dr. Goolsby put me on a specific eating plan coupled with intermittent fasting. He told me I needed to eat a Keto or Paleo type diet. I like to call my plan “Ke-leo”, ha! The blood analysis prescribed specific nutrition that I needed to address my health concerns, and gratefully Dr. Goolsby carries that nutrition in his office. I began the plan 1 week later on April 29, 2019 and the change in my health was almost instant. The weight began to fall off. The swelling began to go away. My energy began to come back rapidly, and I no longer feel pain when eating. This change was for my health and longevity and energy, but the weight loss has been such a sweet bonus! My external body is becoming a picture of the healing that is taking place on the inside of my body.

I recently read this statement online, “food is healthcare” and that is absolutely the truth. Through proper diet, vitamins/nutrition, and intermittent fasting, my body is resetting. It’s healing from the inside out. I now have sustained energy throughout my days. I have the energy to go on walks with my husband 4-5 times a week, and I feel strong and motivated again to cook dinner for my family in the evenings among other things I had long forgotten I loved to do when I was sick with fatigue and fevers. I’m beyond thankful to finally have a plan to regain my health down to the cellular level and I look forward to a healthy future

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