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Patient Success Stories

I would wake up tired and crawl in bed around 3-8pm from extreme exhaustion. I also had unexplained weight gain. Dr. Goolsby put me on a specific eating and nutritional plan coupled with intermittent fasting. The change was almost instant. Weight began to fall off and my energy has returned!


I had struggled with my weight for years. I tried dieting, low carb, counting calories with only some success. Between food allergies and poor eating habits, my weight surged to 330 lbs
It wasn’t until I committed to intermittent fasting that I saw the weight start melting off and it has stayed off.


Dr. Goolsby's Book "Aging Well" covers a variety of topics that are useful to anyone looking to improve their health. It is truly a great read to get you started on intermittent fasting. Dr. Goolsby clearly explains the science and reasoning behind intermittent fasting in a way that is easy to understand.